Bad Influencer

Envision David Lynch making ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary on a minimalist budget, and you get a glimpse of the eclectic spirit of this quirky movie which is Terri Potoczna’s debut feature . At its core, this film is about getting past toxic people and learning to trust your gut.

Written and directed by Terri Potoczna

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8-10 minutes


Lucy, an unemployed Arts graduate, is demoted to the role of a live-in sex-toy by Zak, her smug and successful partner until the day she snaps and the habitual dynamics of their relationship are catapulted into uncharted territory.


Written by Paul W. Franklin

Directed and produced by

Terri Potoczna 

A Strange Tale From Budapest



Some people will stop at nothing to get an apartment. At nothing.

Written by Terri Potoczna

Directed and produced by

Terri Potoczna

Starring: Erika Herbert, Sami Huttunen


Being Marilyn


In the grease-stained world of an auto repair shop Sean grapples with coming out as trans. This bittersweet film navigates the intricate lanes of identity, mentorship, and acceptance in the face of personal revelation.
When the accidental discovery of red lingerie sparks rumours of Sean’s steamy sex life, only Roger discerns Sean’s secret. An unexpected kinship then blossoms between Roger, the experienced mechanic with a secret life in drag and Sean, the new young apprentice. However as their bond deepens, it’s clear they have different aspirations as Sean struggles with confused emotions.

Based on a short story “The Dress” by Justin Hamlin.

Written and directed by

Terri Potoczna


Experimental Short



Blurring the lines between reality and illusion, this evocative short film navigates the perpetual refrain of emotional neglect through generations of family dysfunction, showing how children grow up and become their parents until the cycle is broken .

 An experimental short directed and produced by Terri Potoczna

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